This year’s TEDMED conference takes place at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC, from April 10th-13th.

Here are some details:

From April 10th-13th, TEDMED will gather 1000 adventurous thinkers and doers, from a wide array of medical and non-medical disciplines, at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. For three and a half exciting days, this uniquely diverse community will explore the ideas, innovations and challenges that will help shape the future of health and medicine for 300 million Americans…and the world.

TEDMED’s curated audience includes thoughtful individuals from every realm of science, business, technology, government, religion, law, military, media and the arts. At TEDMED, you hear ideas you would never otherwise hear…meet people you would never otherwise meet…and discover opportunities you would never otherwise find. The result is both an amazing and unforgettable experience.

The conference features some incredible speakers



It’s not cheap to attend, but you can watch video’s from previous conferences here  and if you’re in the states you should try to tune into TEDMED live during the meeting.