Podmedics is part IT consultancy, part medical education and part software product development, proving that men truly can multitask! It was founded by Dr Ed Wallitt in 2007 whilst he was a GP trainee, and has now grown to 10 employees.

The main revenue stream is the IT consultancy work, though Ed is working on developing software products as an additional source of revenue.

The range of software products includes Induction (https://induction-app.com) and House Officer (http://houseofficerapp.com).

Key customer segments are medical students (who have no money…), doctors (who have some money…) and NHS hospitals (who have lots of money…jackpot!)


Learnings from interview with Ed Wallitt, Founder of Podmedics

1. From idea to implementation


2. Keys to selling into the NHS

About The Author

Co-Founder & Technical Director

Nick has qualified as a doctor with an MBBS from Brighton and Sussex Medical School in 2015. He also holds a BSc in Management from Imperial College London. He has built a number of successful online businesses and is increasingly interested in medical technology that is going to change the future of healthcare delivery.

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