What does mobile health, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics and synthetic biology have in common? They are all ground-breaking ‘exponential’ technologies currently shaking up the healthcare sector, and these topics are explored in ‘The Future of Healthcare’ podcast below!

Exponential technologies are technologies which grow at accelerated speeds – think nanotechnology, for example. Some of the finest minds in the business recently gathered in Silicon Valley for an event known as Exponential Medicine, where the agenda tackled many of the greatest challenges facing humanity – from famine to disease to global warming.

Doctorpreneurs' Avi Mehra at the Lanson's Health Studio

Jon Cronin, head of Lansons broadcast and content creation team is joined by Cosima Gretton, a doctor, digital health consultant and alumnus of the Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Programme; Avi Mehra, a doctor, global clinical IT manager at Bupa and co-founder of Doctorpreneurs; and Maxine MackIntosh, UK Director of HealthTech Women, a Neuro-informatics PhD candidate and a health innovation consultant to discuss in depth.

Produced by Steven Arnoldi and Megan Murray Jones at the Lansons studio, for more information about Lansons and our services visit www.Lansons.com – listen below!

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Content Director

James is a medical student currently studying an intercalated MSc in Healthcare Informatics at The University of Leeds. Last year he successfully sold his first company, JumpIn after serving as Chief Technical Officer for 18 months. He is the founder of Synap, an innovative e-learning platform that combines neuroscience research and mobile technology to create a powerful studying method. A self-taught software developer, James is passionate about using technology to solve some of the problems facing healthcare, and believes that doctors and medical students are some of the people best positioned to lead this change.

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