Dr Anna Moore; Clinical Fellow, Department of Health and Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management

Anna is a psychiatric core trainee within the Oxford Deanery and is currently on the NHS Medical Director’s Clinical Fellowship Scheme. She spends half her time working in the Department of Health and the rest of her time in the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management.

She started off her career with a BSc in Neuroscience, with 18 months spent doing research at Harvard Medical School’s Neuroregeneration Laboratories. She then spent 2 years training in chartered accountancy and working in business, gaining experience in financial and systems audit. In 2003 she embarked upon a fast track medicine course at the University of Bristol.

Anna has published a number of articles, mainly in service improvement and disease modelling. She currently sits as a trustee on the Board of Directors of a psychiatric charity. She has a keen interest in leadership development and management within the medical profession.


Anna’s first week as a Clinical Fellow