Here are some articles we’ve read in the past and found insightful. We have also included a list of websites we browse on a regular basis.


Why smart people have bad ideas Will Disruptive Innovations Cure Healthcare? MIT: Healthcare Entrepreneurship e-book Series Vinod Khosla: 20% doctor included – speculations and musings of a technology optimist  Eric Topol: The Future of Medicine Is in Your Smartphone  HBR: Digital Health – Be an Innovator, not a Strategist  The Economist: DoctorpreneursThe Lean Startup Book Summary  Digital Healthcare: Business Models & Opportunities A very simple guide to venture capital



BMJ Med Crunch Engadget Healthcare Harvard Business School Paul Graham: Essays Rock Health Tech Crunch Fast Company Funding for Innovation NHS England Innovation Platform Health Tech Innovation Labs Documents for StartupsFundraising Guide for Entrepreneurs Resources for Women in Business ICHP Innovation Pathway Tool