Who we are

 Doctorpreneurs is the global community for doctors, medical students and individuals interested in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship.

We are a non-profit organisation committed to transforming healthcare. With healthcare facing unprecedented challenges globally, we believe that unlocking the wealth of talent within the system will be key to driving radical change.

What we do

Our mission is to:

Provide medical entrepreneurs with the insight, network and opportunities to lead innovative improvement in healthcare.


We inspire healthcare professionals and students to think creatively and embrace principles of innovation and entrepreneurship to improve healthcare; we connect our members with a network to help them learn and grow; and we accelerate members’ entrepreneurial journey through providing access to relevant career opportunities.

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We welcome all healthcare innovators and entrepreneurs

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Our Story

Launched in 2011 as a means to connect doctors interested in technology and entrepreneurship, we focused on interviews with healthcare entrepreneurs (including many doctorpreneurs) and a series of popular events in London and Cambridge. These typically focused on founders ‘spilling the beans’ on the realities of starting and scaling a healthcare company, as well as sell-out events such as our Design Thinking for Health day at Judge Business School in Cambridge, organized in partnership with IDEO and the Cambridge University Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning. Several of these events were run with support from the Health Foundation.

In 2014 Doctorpreneurs evolved and embarked on its next chapter. The team grew and offering expanded. The focus shifted towards creating a unique resource and global community for medical entrepreneurs. Recognising the importance of ‘learning from experience’, we continue to focus on interviews with experienced entrepreneurs, and have sought out career opportunities to help members get actively involved and start their entrepreneurial journey. We run healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship themed events in the UK and partner with events all over the world. We collaborate with leading organisations and initiatives including the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme, Wired Health, Barts X, Stanford Ignite and more. We also engage students via our international student ambassador programme.